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What to do If You Can’t Make Your MaineHousing Mortgage Payment

Hard times happen, and it can be difficult to ask for help when you run into financial trouble. Life situations like unexpected medical expenses, a divorce, or losing a job may be one of any reasons you might be struggling to keep up with bills – including your mortgage.

Included in this section are explanations on how you can:

How to help you stay in your home

Your lender will discuss the following options with you:

  • Maine HOPE Program for unemployed MaineHousing borrowers
  • MaineHousing Home Affordable Modification Program
  • Payment plans
  • Special forbearance
  • Loan modifications

How to exit your home gracefully

After reviewing your options, you may decide that homeownership is no longer right for you. You may be able to get out from under your mortgage debt without foreclosure through:

  • Pre-foreclosure sale/short sale - If approved, you may sell your home for less than your current loan amount.
  • Deed-in-lieu - If approved, you can transfer your property back to MaineHousing.

The most important thing to do is to make a call for help. DO NOT MOVE OUT of your home without first talking to your loan servicer/lender.

Please ask for help from your loan servicer or lender. Protect your home by knowing what payment options are available to you. While it’s best to call before you miss a payment, it’s important to call if you’re one or two months behind, too. 

Options that will be considered when you call your servicer/lender:

  • Talk to your mortgage servicer/lender Link Icon
    Your servicer/lender will discuss payment options that may help you stay in your home and avoid foreclosure.
  • Call a housing counselor Link Icon
    A HUD-approved housing counselor will help you assess your financial situation and offer specific suggestions on what you should do, free of charge. Beware of scams! Do not pay a third party provider a fee for foreclosure prevention services.
  • Contact MaineHousing
    Please contact MaineHousing today and speak with one of our representatives for more information related to avoiding foreclosure.

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