Predictable Changes: That which we can plan for an address

  • Advances in technology
    • Building and design of housing
    • Energy efficiencies
    • Information technology
  • Consumer/customer preferences
    • Where to live
    • Own or rent
    • Stay at home
    • Smaller, more energy efficient homes
  • Changing business practices
  • Changing workforce expectations

Unpredictable Changes

  • Uncertainty around federal and state funding and
    tax codes
  • Financial markets and mortgage interest rates
  • Availability of workers in the construction
    industry, housing-related services, and public

MaineHousing routinely monitors external trends and has identified the following as having the greatest impact on future housing needs:

  • Maine’s population will not grow and will continue to age.
  • Maine’s population has changed very little recently in terms of diversity.
  • Maine’s economy is improving slowly and will continue to do so. That growth will continue to boost Maine’s slowly improving housing market, but not in all parts of the State.
  • Housing demand will be greatest in service centers located along the interstate and its feeder roads.
  • Housing and services will be required to meet the needs of a more mobile as well as aging populations.
  • Slower income growth for renter households will continue to make renting less affordable for them.
  • The number of homeless people in Maine has declined.
  • Maine’s rank among the states with old housing stock has dropped; we now rank 8th.
  • Maine’s energy costs will be driven by the cost of fossil fuels.
  • Changing technology will be increasingly essential for accessing services by Maine residents.
  • Future public investment in continuing, expanding, or creating housing programs is uncertain.

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