Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Improve Housing Quality
    MaineHousing will improve the quality of housing in Maine and extend its useful life by reinvesting in our existing housing portfolio and by seeking investment opportunities in other multifamily and single family properties throughout the state. We will seek to assure the long term viability of projects by increasing reserves and promoting operational efficiencies. We will incent landlords to improve properties and to provide long term quality housing.

  • Goal 2: Expand the Supply of Affordable Housing
    The existing inventory of affordable housing does not meet the existing need. MaineHousing will use the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program to expand and improve the supply of affordable housing. MaineHousing will continue its efforts to reduce the per unit cost of new development. MaineHousing will also explore new financing mechanisms to expand the supply of affordable multifamily and single family housing. MaineHousing will seek to stretch rental subsidies.

  • Goal 3: Help Maine People Attain Housing Stability
    Many Maine people are assisted by MaineHousing and our partners in meeting their housing needs. Housing stability, the ability of Maine people to obtain and maintain affordable housing, is essential to our ongoing efforts to provide quality affordable housing. MaineHousing will implement strategies to reduce the foreclosure rate of homeowners, to lower heating costs for homeowners through energy assistance and weatherization, and to provide support for low income renters who are barely able to pay for their housing, and to help individuals and families who are homeless to obtain housing.

  • Goal 4: Provide Leadership in the Housing Field
    MaineHousing will identify priority housing needs within Maine and will focus its resources on addressing these needs. MaineHousing will promote strong communities and support economic development. MaineHousing will engage in ongoing housing needs assessments to inform community and housing providers’ planning processes. MaineHousing will convene stakeholders to explore and share innovative housing solutions that address regional needs and priorities.

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