Operational Priorities

Our Operational Vision describes the organization we are committed to being. To move us ever closer to that vision we have committed ourselves as an agency to maintaining our current strengths while further improving in four areas:

    MaineHousing will be highly responsive to customers in addressing issues and delivering programs and services. MaineHousing will define excellent customer service for clients and partners, research and develop innovative approaches to providing service, establish standards for responsiveness, train staff, and identify tools to measure our success.

    MaineHousing’s employees will exemplify the core values of the agency while feeling supported and recognized for their contributions. MaineHousing will implement a multi-dimensional system to provide effective internal communication, identify ways to support staff as they adopt new strategic priorities, and revise our performance management process to encourage and measure progress toward full implementation of our values.

    MaineHousing will have the leadership capacity and talent to meet current as well as future strategic priorities and housing challenges facing the state of Maine. MaineHousing will analyze its recruitment, retention, and compensation practices to be sure we hire and keep the most qualified people. MaineHousing will train, cross-train, and mentor staff to prepare for future needs. MaineHousing will assess its decision-making structure to ensure the agency’s focus on strategic priorities.

    MaineHousing’s financial capacity will assure the ability to respond to Maine’s affordable housing needs into the future. MaineHousing will work to maintain its strong credit ratings by maintaining profitability and increasing fund balances, balancing public purpose objectives with prudent fiscal management, refining and implementing a risk management framework, and pursuing new opportunities to enhance the agency’s fiduciary position and increase capacity to support affordable housing initiatives.

    MaineHousing will increase operational efficiencies and improve program evaluation to better respond to Maine’s affordable housing needs. To increase efficiency MaineHousing will conduct departmental audits, analyze the most cost effective use of staff, and pursue ways to lower costs through automation. To enhance program evaluation, MaineHousing will implement an expanded formal process to audit existing programs and evaluate new initiatives and funding opportunities that address goals and priorities set forth in the strategic plan.

    MaineHousing will use each resource to its maximum efficiency to achieve our program goals. MaineHousing will assess and redesign its approach for allocating resources to programs to focus on the objectives of the Strategic Plan and ensure that scarce resources are used in a way that maximizes benefits to Maine people. When subsidy is used, an assessment of public purpose per subsidy dollar will be made including how the program impacts the client, the demographic profile of the client, and what their next best option would be without the program. Program design will be reviewed to see if more subsidy could go to benefitting clients by reducing program delivery costs.

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